2019 Membership Year
03-21-2019 Membership
03-13-2019- 2019 - 1 Membership
03-07-2019- 2019 -Membership
02-28-2018- 2019 - 2 -Membership
02-22-2018- 2019 - 1 Membership
01-03-2019-2019 Membership

12-27-2018 2019 Membership
12-20-2018 2019 Membership
12-12-2018 2019 Membership
12-6-2018 2019 Membership

11-29-2018 2019 Membership
11-15-2018 2019 Membership
11-08-2018 2019 Membership
11-01-2018 2019 Membership

10-24-2018 2019 Membership
10-18-2018 2019 Membership
10-11-2018 2019 Membership

09-27-2018 2019 Membership
09-20-2018 2019 Membership
09-13-2018 2019 Membership

08-16-2018 2019 Membership
08-02-2018 2019 Membership

7-19-2018 2019 Membership

SD Veteran Population by County

Fellow Legionnaires,

All Posts Adjutants are able to log into MyLegion.org and process memberships for their post online!  You will be able to send your membership directly to National without having to mail any membership card sheets to State Headquarters.  Save your money spent on postage and envelopes.  This allows a bank to bank transfer to happen just like companies that do “online bill pay”.

Please remember this is Optional and not Mandatory

The “Process Membership” feature in MyLegion allows American Legion Post Adjutants to:

  • Renew Existing Members
  • Add new members and transfer-in existing members from other Posts if they have not renewed for the most current year. (NOTE: Posts can only transfer-in members that dues are being paid for.)
  • This feature utilizes electronic payment methods via MyLegion, and eliminates the need for Post to send the Department portion of the (3-part) membership cards and paper-checks to the Department Headquarters office
  • Electronic check (Echeck) is the only payment method available when using this feature. The account must be a valid business checking or savings account held with a US Bank.


  • Significantly improves membership processing time and the benefits are activated much quicker for the member.
  • Renewals/New Member submissions take place in 5-days or less … as opposed to 5+ weeks.
  • Significantly improve Customer Service by eliminating unnecessary renewal notices and complaints by members.
  • Reduce cost of Direct Renewal Program

Below are the instructions on how to complete membership processing for your Post in MyLegion.org:

Post Online Membership Processing Instructions