Members of the Department Executive Committee for 2017-2018.

Department Commander:  Hugh Holmes, Mitchell, SD.

Immediate Past Department Commander:  Charemon Dunham, Iroquois, SD.

National Executive Committeeman:  Jim Huls, Madison, SD.

Department Vice Commander (Districts 1-2):  Fred Nelson, Spearfish, SD.

Department Vice Commander (Districts 3-8):  Dennis Brenden, Watertown, SD.

District 1 Commander:  Kevin Morello, Black Hawk, SD.

District 2 Commander:  Donald Ackerman, Sr., Hot Springs, SD.

District 3 Commander:  LeRoy Madsen, Pierre, SD.

District 4 Commander:  Harley Hansen, Stratford, SD.

District 5 Commander:  Dana Jones, Watertown, SD.

District 6 Commander:  Katie Redmann, Wessington Springs, SD.

District 7 Commander:  Ed Stringer, Hartford, SD.

District 8 Commander:  Gregory Geiman, Scotland, SD.