Loan Request Form for Ceremonial Rifles and/or Ammunition
From the Department of Defense

Purpose: For Post use to request loan of Ceremonial Rifles and/or Ammunition and for the
Department to certify that the post is chartered and in good standing with required
secure storage procedures.

The department and the Washington office may only handle requests from chartered American
Legion posts in good standing that have accountability and storage procedures for firearms and
munitions which are in accordance with local and state laws. Posts will make requests through
their department headquarters. The post must attach the form to post letterhead stationery with
the post commander’s or adjutant’s signature. This should be sent to department headquarters for
submission to the Washington office.
Departments must verify the eligibility of the post and validate current weapons and munitions
accountability and storage procedures. Once verification by the department is complete, the
request is forwarded to the Washington office, which forwards it to the appropriate agencies for
processing. When requests are made to congressional offices or other military departments
without proper verification and endorsement, the acquisition process slows. Separate letters must
be sent for each type of equipment requested. If both rifles and ammunition are needed, separate
requests should be forwarded to the department and then to the Washington office, as two
different government agencies – the Joint Munitions Command in Rock Island, Ill., and U.S.
Army TACOM (Life Cycle Management Command) in Warren, Mich. – will be handling the
request for items.