Bill Title
SB 23 repeal the high school graduation or equivalent requirement for certain licensed professionals.
SB 33 authorize the Department of the Military to construct a storage building located in Brown County, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
SB 35 revise the appropriation for the State Veterans' Cemetery and to declare an emergency.
SB 60 adopt the Physical Therapist Licensure Compact.
SB 77 make an appropriation for certain costs related to the commissioning of the USS Pierre and to declare an emergency.
SB 84 authorize service animals in-training to enter certain establishments.
SB 124 to revise provisions regarding group pheasant hunts for disabled veterans.
SB 156 repeal provisions regarding the South Dakota Veterans Commission.
SCR 603 Recognizing June 5, 2020, as Gun Safety Awareness Day.
HB 1030 revise certain provisions regarding the Board of Technical Education.
HB 1034 make an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1036 revise provisions regarding the issuance of certain military specialty plates.
HB 1062 increase the financial empowerment of state residents.
HB 1069 authorize certain veterans to attend courses offered at postsecondary technical institutes without payment of tuition.
HB 1083 rename the postsecondary technical institutes as technical colleges.
HJR 5001 To apply for a convention of states under Article V of the Constitution of the United States to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.
HC 8001 To honor and commend Chief Justice David Gilbertson for his dedicated services to his community and state.
HC 8005 Honoring and commending Police Officers Teil Glaus and Garrett Harmon, Highway Patrol Trooper Josh De Wild and Chief Deputy Sheriff Tory Engel on their heroic response and life-saving actions at the scene of an airplane crash in Chamberlain.
HC 8007 Commending the South Dakota Army National Guard's Ellwein family of Rapid City for being awarded the Association of the United States Army Volunteer Family of the Year Award for 2019.
HC 8008 Recognizing and honoring the Veterans Honor Park in Madison, South Dakota.