Children & Youth Programs

These programs on focused on helping the youth of South Dakota.  Each have a unique impact on them and their families.

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Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA)

TFA is designed to help veterans with dependent children that live in the home with the veterans.  This program will fill in where the city / county / state assistance programs can no longer provide assistance or the family does not fit the criteria where they can help.  Local American Legion Posts will initiate this request and work with the veteran and family.  The assistance is provided by either the South Dakota American Legion fund or/and the National American Legion TFA fund depending the the severity of the need.

100% of donations go toward Veterans with dependent children to ensure those children have a roof over their heads, food on the table and basic necessities for their parents to take care of them.

South Dakota Boys State

American Legion Boys State of South Dakota has a two-fold purpose. First, to better help youth understand and appreciate the American system of government and way of life including the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Secondly, to give a better knowledge of the fundamental principles of government within the State of South Dakota. These objectives are sought by establishment of a mythical 51st State of Union, comprised of counties and cities, giving Boys State actual experience in control and operation of these units of government. The American Legion wants the Boys of South Dakota to understand the problems of government as well as how it functions.

Donations to this program can be used for Boys State Scholarships or for program materials.   All counselors and staff volunteers over a week of their time every year to facilitate this program.

Costs of the program include: Paper / pencils / pens / T-Shirts / Caps / Pins / Meals / Banquets

Youth Trooper Academy

The Youth Trooper Academy is a partnership between The American Legion of South Dakota and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.  Donations to this program go towards ball caps, t-shirts and a BBQ at the end of the week.

100% of the money donated goes towards the program with no salary costs. 

Youth Program Scholarships

Oratory contestants who participate at the State level competition are awarded scholarships to be used directly towards post secondary education.  The scholarship is written to the participant and the school after they have completed one semester of college/tech school.

100% of Donations goes to scholarships for State Oratory participants.

South Dakota Special Olympics

Every year South Dakota American Legion Posts donate to sponsor the Special Olympics in South Dakota.  Veterans, Legion Members and American Legion Posts are encouraged to make donations to this program that has such a positive impact on our youth.

100% of Donations goes to the South Dakota Special Olympics.

Veteran Rehabilitation Programs

These programs on focused on helping veterans that are currently in medical facilities or are in need of basic necessities.

100% of donations go directly to providing assistance to Veterans in VA care facilities for basic necessities.

Veteran Affairs Volunteer Services (VAVS)

This program helps veterans in medical facilities who are in need of basic necessities (also known as the “popcorn fund”).  Each medical facility in South Dakota has a VAVS hospital representative who administers this program.  Necessities provided can be as simple as toothbrushes and tooth paste or could be fishing poles for a facility to allow patients a chance to get out of the facility for a time.  Each need is unique and the materials provided is to improve quality of life for those veterans who are patients in those facilities.

Medical Facilities we cover: Hot Springs VA Hospital / Ft. Meade VA Hospital / Sioux Falls VA Hospital

100% of the money donated goes to the veterans with no administrative costs. 

Department Emergency Fund

This program is similar to the National American Legion’s National Emergency Fund where it assists South Dakota Veterans  in time of emergency.

Disasters such as:  Tornado / Fire / Floods

100% of Donations goes to veterans in need.