This page is dedicated to the “service projects” for the South Dakota American Legion.  This will be the center point of all information regarding service projects that are planned.

Please use #sdlegionserving in all of the communication with your communites after your service projects are completed with pictures / press releases / news stories.  This will significantly simply finding stories regarding our community service to the South Dakota veterans, youth and communities.

DTOM 22/0 Veteran Ranch

July 10, 2021 is our first “sweat equity” service project where we will assist the DROM 22/0 with work on their ranch.

Planned projects on the ranch include: general clean up of newly purchased land, landscaping, and building a loafing shed for sheltering horses.

Please click on the button to the right and fill out the form.  Projects will be planned around the number of volunteers who plan on coming.

Camping is available for those who wish to stay over after the service project ends.

Everyone (veteran and non-veterans) are welcome to participate in this event.

This organization does a huge service for our veterans who need help is coping with the effects of military service with absolutely no cost to them.